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Cetetek Technology Inc



  • “V生活”是CETETEK科技有限公司针对华人的特点和需求而研发的一款全球同步运营的大型生活资讯平台,通过完美结合的主动推荐和被动搜索机制,将商户信息转化成生活信息,根据用户的需求和特点,及时准确地向全球华人提供集旅游、娱乐、购物为一体的个性化推荐服务,实惠高效地为商户带来客户,同时为用户提供可靠方便的生活信息。
  • "Esoon Travel"是一款针对华人的手机购票软件,上面的从美国到中国的机票绝对是全美最低价,而且购买操作非常简单、方便。

CETETEK Technology Inc. is a professional mobile internet consulting, design, research and development enterprise providing a full range of global leading mobile internet solutions. Founded in 2011, CETETEK Technology Inc. is headquartered in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing CETETEK Technology Corp., Ltd., which has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, China. Along with our parent company, we are uniquely qualified to meet the technology needs of domestic and international businesses and mobile users.

Our company has a strong technical force and careful meticulous service offering clients specialized mobile solutions, business included telecommunications, government and other areas. The Company upholds the concepts of professional service, excellent quality deliverables, and efficient management.  We aim to provide high-quality global mobile application software development, system performance testing, and high quality cellphonewith mobile international roaming testing services to meet different clients' needs.

CETETEK has gathered a group of responsible and innovative professionals with extensive management experience.  They are committed to engaging the mobile Internet business and our company's high level management has many years of experience in the Internet, media and management market. As our company continues to develop and grow, our management personnel is compromised of domestic and international enterprises which brings in a global and diversified power for development.

"vLife" is a comprehensive lifestyle information platform wholly developed and operated by Cetetek Technology Inc.  It meets the requirements for Chinese on living, study and travel by providing catering, tourism, entertainment, shopping, medical care, education, housing, cars, lawyers, financial and all other aspects of information. There are more than 500,000 merchants yellow page information and promotions, activities, classification covering New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston etc., nearly eighteen metropolitan area. The platform also has a high-quality goods recommendation, hot spots, life and other features, fully meet the needs of all aspect of the life and travel. "vLife" has become the largest and most convenient Chinese information platform in the North America with nearly 500,000 users across the country under unremitting efforts.


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